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Corporate Investigation Services

Probe International offers a range of Corporate Investigation services which provide accurate and factual information to assist commercial decisions.

Corporate Intelligence

Prior to entering into new agreements or contracts it can sometimes be difficult for clients to gather comprehensive and accurate Corporate Intelligence regarding the other parties to their corporate transactions, this is important to assist in their commercial decisions.

Probe International investigates these entities with a view to providing the client with an accurate account of an enterprise's activities, ownership and liabilities; examples of these services are as follows.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Probe International offers a complete due diligence service prior to the prospective purchase of an asset.

In these circumstances it is often necessary to mount an investigation of the Subject Company to determine its size, reputation, probity, market presence and the scope and extent of its sales, and to undertake key markets analysis and background searches.

Due Diligence

Probe International undertakes detailed investigation into the activities and background of a business or person, prior to a client signing a contract or starting an ongoing business or employment relationship. The aim of due diligence is to identify any potential problems or unexpected liabilities, thus allowing a client to make informed decisions.

Market Research

It is often necessary to carry out a Market Survey prior to the acquisition of an established business or the launch of a brand, in order to ascertain any possible problematic eventualities, such as potential or actual opposition. We are experts in this field and have the staff and resources for all requirements.

Financial Searches and Company Analysis

At Probe International we have access to numerous financial reference facilities. These, coupled with direct access investigation, enable us to provide a comprehensive and detailed report.

In undertaking in-depth research, we will determine whether there exists a moral risk. Particularly for a company, such a report can be essential prior to entering into a contract that includes the granting of significant credit terms.

Trade Secrets & Unfair Competition

Probe International conducts discreet and confidential investigations, at a client’s behest, in these commercially sensitive areas.

If you require further information on any of our services, or simply want to discuss a case, please contact us on:
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